Hair I Am Salon Edmond Ok Denice and Lane Lowe

Owners Lane and Denice Lowe

My Story

I had a dream, and God had a plan.

With faith, God, my wonderful husband Lane (the Manager) and family and friends, my dream became a reality.

My story starts with the name of our shop,  Hair I Am.   My dream had to have a name…. It happened on the way home from work one day at the time I was working on the South side of OKC, living here in Edmond.  I wanted to be closer to home.  Also my clients had to be able to find me easily.  I thought “here we are” but that didn’t fit for a name.  I thought of myself standing on a corner waving my hand upright, Here I Am became Hair I Am.  My story continues with how God works in our lives.  In 2004 we looked at a shop in North OKC but were unable to get that deal done.  So I thought about just working in Edmond.  In 2005, I had back surgery and didn’t even think I would work again.  But through God’s Grace I did.  In 2006, I continually worked on the South side of OKC.  Late that year we decided to build a shop by our home to work in.  Little did I know, God had a bigger plan for us.  In 2007, we got a call from a neighbor that his Barber had closed shop at Waterloo Plaza in Edmond.  My dream got even bigger.  In two months the doors to Hair I Am were opened on August 11, 2007.  A dream became a reality through God’s blessing.  In 2009 -2010 we remodeled and added nail services, pedicure’s and massage. I’m very thankful that my dream fit in with God’s Plan.

-Denice Lowe