“I met Denice about 10 years ago.  She is my miracle worker.  I live in Moore and followed her when she moved to Edmond.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else.  All the girls at Hair I Am are wonderful.”  Lori B. 

“I had not had my hair cut or colored for over 15 years because of a bad experience.  When I found that Cathy Moore was a stylist I asked her to do a cut and color.  I’ve known Cathy for about 5 years and trusted her to do a great job.  I was not disappointed, in fact, I was absolutely thrilled.  My husband, my friends and everyone I work with said it looked fantastic and took at least 20 years off my looks.  Hair I Am is more than just a salon.  It feels like your best friends kitchen where you go to visit with good friends and get your hair done too.  I recommend Hair I Am highly and will never go any place else.  Cathy Moore is my trusted friend and a great stylist.”  Cathy E.

“I truly enjoy going to Hair I Am.  Everyone makes you feel very welcome.  The ladies there actually take the time to listen to the way you want your hair cut and styled.”  Crystal H.

” A couple months ago, Denice did the keratin treatment for my daughter.  She has brown medium coarse hair that was very frizzy with many fly aways and split ends.  My wife and I were utterly blown away at what a change this treatment makes.  My daughters hair is so smooth, straight and healthy now and it looks the same today as it did when she left the salon.  She is very happy with her hair.  Money very well spent, we will be going back to Denice.”  Dwayne E. 

“I never go to anyone but Cathy.  Everything she has done I always love:  cut, color, style.  She always gives me the edgy style I’m looking for, plus everyone in the salon is so nice and talks to everyone.  When I’m sitting in Cathy’s chair I feel like I’m at home talking to my best friend.  She is always so encouraging and uplifting.  She is so great I’m so thankful for her and my awesome hair she gives me.”  Amber D. 

“Tiffany has been my daughter’s (who is disabled) and my hairstylist for almost 3 years now.  Tiffany is the best.  Tiffany is the first stylist that has ever been willing to style my daughter’s hair.  Tiffany is very good with choosing a style and color best for her clients.”  Laura C. 

“Denice has been cutting my hair for 25 years and has always done an excellent job.  I would recommend her to anyone.”  Jeff K. 

“Denice—I just wanted to let you know how SPECIAL you and all the folks at Hair I Am really are. As you know, the demands of my job are extreme and I’m often unable to schedule my personal time very far in advance. The fact that you always manage to work me into your shop in a reasonable time is a great benefit to me and one I truly appreciate. I can tell, too, from the comments and the attitudes of the other people in the shop that you have MANY loyal customers.  But the thing I appreciate most is the way you cut my hair! I know it’s a challenge because NO ONE HAS EVER DONE SUCH A GREAT JOB BEFORE.  Thanks for doing such a great job for me—and for all your other customers. I know a good business when I see one and HAIR I AM is the BEST!”  Scott W. 

“Although I live in the Newcastle area, I drive to Hair I Am because I love the atmosphere of the shop as well as the haircut I get.  The shop is smoke-free and the conversation is family-friendly.  It’s a great place to spend some time.”  Maggie T. 

“The folks at Hair I Am are always friendly and professional.  It’s a great atmosphere that is always clean and welcoming. Tiffany does a wonderful job and is very patient with my hectic schedule.  I would and have recommended [Hair I Am] to friends and family.”  Jake 

“Tiffany is so awesome!  The first time I came here, a couple of years ago, she got my hair back to the way I liked it.  I’ve been coming back regularly ever since.”  Shelly H.

“Everyone at Hair I Am is very friendly and easy to talk to.  They are genuine and do a great job at a great price.  It’s easy to make an appointment that works for my schedule.”  Josh

“Hair I Am is an awesome place to go and get your hair done the way you want it and they always get it right the first time. Everyone there takes the time to get to know you. It is a one stop place to get pampered from hair to massages. Denice does my hair and Tiffany does my hubby’s. He just started going there and he hit it off with Tiff. Right away she knew just what he wanted. And what can I say about Denice she is the best and I am glad to call them my friends and
  Patti E. 

“As a bride-to-be, Hair I Am made it feel like a party before the wedding which is perfect for a stressed out bride.”  Sunnie G.